Ex-U.S. Envoy Calls Out Joe Biden

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The former U.S. ambassador to the European Union criticized President Joe Biden for his foreign policy, calling it rudderless and inflammatory and pushing the government to change its energy strategy to increase supply worldwide.

Sondland is currently on a book tour to promote “The Envoy,” a memoir detailing his time in the Trump administration.

On the television program Just the News, No Noise, Ambassador Gordon Sondland explained that the administration should simply realize that their early judgments relating to energy when they came to office just don’t work today.

Sondland suggested the government lift its prohibition on the Keystone pipeline and relax licensing requirements for energy development to start a process of extending America’s enormous reserves’ ability to supply energy globally.  Even though it won’t result in gas flowing tomorrow, those signals convey tremendously powerful messages to the futures markets. And very soon, you’ll notice that things start to loosen up.

In the interview, Sondland claimed that the recent aggressive actions of North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-Un, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Iranian mullahs, and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine were brought on by the lack of clarity in U.S. foreign policy since Biden assumed office.  And it’s one of the reasons why they are using that circumstance to their advantage.

The former ambassador urged Biden, who had been hesitant at the outset of the conflict, to redouble his unwavering support for Ukraine and prevent Russia from claiming victory in the Eastern European theater.

Sondland played a vital role in the discussions between the Trump administration and Ukraine that resulted in the Democrats’ initial attempt to impeach the 45th president, but he continues to be a strong supporter of the previous administration’s international policies, including the peace agreements between Israel and its Sunni Arab neighborhoods.  According to Sondland, The Abraham accords were undoubtedly its most significant achievement.

Sondland said that while it was an honor to work for the State Department, permanent bureaucrats would not be as effective as political appointees who are open to the will of the American people as expressed via elections.

Preferably the type of appointees who don’t spend their time championing foreigners while screwing over Americans.