Ex-Trump Insider Furious After Media Silent Amid Hillary Clinton Investigation Findings

(FreedomBeacon.com)- In a court filing submitted in Federal court last Friday, Special Counsel John Durham alleged that attorneys working for the Clinton campaign were involved in an effort to mine data from a project run by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to spy on Donald Trump and his associates at Trump Tower, in Trump’s private residence, and at the “Executive Office of the Presidency.”

Durham filed the motion in the case of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann who is charged with lying to the FBI about whether he was working for the campaign when he told the FBI about the false link between Trump and Russia.

According to Durham, the goal was to dig up information that could be used to build on the “Russian collusion” narrative concocted by the Clinton campaign.

Immediately, the same media outlets that promoted the Clinton campaign’s opposition research generated through this effort downplayed the explosive news, claiming the conservative outlets reporting on it were engaged in “misleading” reporting.

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton finally weighed in on Twitter, sharing a link to a Vanity Fair article she claimed debunked the story, which she called a “fake scandal” pushed by Fox News and Trump.

Vanity Fair. Yeah, really. It could’ve been worse. Hillary could have cited Teen Vogue.

On Monday, Trump’s former Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland, who was a target of the RussiaGate hoax, appeared on “Fox & Friends” to discuss the details in Durham’s filing.

McFarland got to the heart of why the news media is pretending this is a non-story.

They were “in on the con,” McFarland told host Steve Doocy. It was the news media that promoted RussiaGate. It was the news media that “destroyed” her reputation, her career, and “cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees” when she was a target of the Mueller investigation.

McFarland said the media doesn’t want to touch this story “because they’re complicit.”

Watch McFarland on “Fox & Friends” HERE.