Ex-Spy Tricked CIA Recruit Into Performing Explicit Acts

A former CIA officer reportedly convinced a would-be covert operator that she was participating in an unofficial recruiting program for aspiring spies and then forced her to have sex with him on many occasions so that she could practice using her body as a weapon.

The woman alleges she was told the experience would prepare her for the “off limits” job that all CIA officers are eventually required to conduct and that the abilities she gained would be an asset in her technical skillset.

According to the reported lawsuit, the young cybersecurity specialist was groomed for ongoing sexual abuse during the fabricated and extended training exercise, which ultimately landed her in a psychiatric facility.

According to the complaint, Wiggins told the woman (“Jane Doe”) that she could use sex when not trying to seduce information out of enemy targets to strengthen her connections with other operatives. According to the petition, Wiggins said that case officers formed such strong bonds while on missions that it was common for them to engage in sexual activity with one another.

A report shows Wiggins worked as a member of the CIA’s covert branch and then helped start a company called Soteryx in 2016.

Wiggins, CEO of Soteryx Corp. in Saratoga Springs, Florida, was allegedly acting as a “groomer,” according to the complaint.  The complaint also states that the defendant attacked the plaintiff after she was employed as a customer-service manager at Soteryx in 2017.  “Jane Doe”  pleaded for her payments in a letter to Wiggins, claiming that she had to choose between groceries and other necessities, as stated in the complaint.

She eventually found employment in the food service industry and told a colleague about her ordeal. According to the complaint, “Jane Doe”  has continued to have problems related to her time with Wiggins even after completing an intensive outpatient treatment at Four Winds Saratoga.

The complaint claims the woman suffered severe trauma and is entitled to compensation.