Ex-intel Chief Tried To Get FBI’s Director Wray Fired in 2020

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Ric Grenell, a former acting director of national intelligence, has warned that partisan interference in investigations puts the FBI in a “serious crisis.” He also said that when these issues first surfaced in 2020, he requested then-President Donald Trump to replace Director Chris Wray.

Grenell stated during an interview with Just the News on the John Solomon Reports podcast that he told President Trump that the worst of all was Wray and “we have to get rid of him.” Grenell said Wray was initially confused about what was going on. He was detached from what was going on below him and had just a knee-jerk reaction to everything to protect the status quo.

Grenell made the remarks immediately before Trump revealed Monday that the FBI had searched his Mar-a-Lago office and house in Florida. They broke into a safe and took documents as part of an apparent investigation into allegedly missing secret materials.

According to Ric Grenell, who formerly served as the United States ambassador to Germany, the reasons behind his call for Wray’s ouster two years ago stemmed from his reluctance to watch politics destroy the illustrious law enforcement organization.
Wray is a creature of the FBI. He sees everything as a PR stunt. He can never be critical of the FBI and can never mention any FBI failures since he adores the brand.
Reports show that Bill Barr, the former attorney general, and other senior Trump administration officials are said to have been informed of the 45th president’s consideration of dismissing Wray in 2020 and recommended against it. Trump had previously fired Ex-Director James Comey for misbehavior in the Hillary Clinton email investigation in 2017.
In the interview, Grenell explained that when he served as acting DNI in the spring of 2020, he attempted to declassify records pertaining to FBI wrongdoing in the Russia collusion investigation and its pursuit of former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn. According to Grenell, there was a lot of opposition.
The former Ambassador tells John Solomon that whistleblowers have come forward alleging improper political meddling in sensitive investigations. The allegations include launching an investigation of President Donald Trump without proper predicate and pressuring them to shut down a probe into Vice President Joe Biden. [More on the interview here]
Somewhere along the way, the FBI, CIA, and the State Department seem to have merged into a criminal enterprise.