Eric Trump Wants To Ask Jesus Some Questions About Biden

( Newsweek published a story this week with a title that seemed to be poking fun at Eric Trump, the second son of former President Donald Trump. The title reads, “Eric Trump wants to Meet Jesus Christ and Ask Him About Biden.”

Obviously the writer, Darragh Roche, thought it was strange…but is it really?

During an interview with commentator Candace Owens on The Daily Wire, Eric expressed his concerns about election integrity and the damage caused by the Biden administration in his first year in office.

He was also asked by Owens who his perfect dinner guest would be – either dead or alive.

“How about Jesus?” Eric Trump responded.

He also joked that if he were to dine with Jesus, he would ask him if the Biden administration is “actually a ploy to show some people the difference between Republican leadership and Democratic leadership…sometimes I think about that.”

Roche, who wrongly suggested that former President Donald Trump’s claims about major flaws, fraud, and misconduct in the 2020 election were inaccurate, complained that Eric Trump believes the election was stolen from his father. He then complained that Candace Owens criticized COVID-19 vaccines.

In truth, he just rattles off the entirety of the interview and tries to make it look like Eric Trump made unreasonable and strange comments. But he didn’t. He said that the vaccine represents the “stripping of freedoms in this country,” which is entirely fair given that President Joe Biden tried to get thousands – or even millions – of people fired for not wanting the jab.

Why is the media always so desperate to invent controversy?

If for some reason you want to read it, you’ll find it here.