Eric Trump Says It’s Time For Executions

( After Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the RussiaGate hoax revealed the explosive details of the spying operation conducted on former President Donald Trump by the Hillary Clinton campaign, Trump’s son Eric suggested that if his father had done what Hillary’s campaign did, he would be facing the death penalty.

Appearing on Fox News’ Hannity, Eric Trump expressed frustration that the media is downplaying the news. The former president’s son wanted to know when it is ever acceptable to “break into the servers at the White House” and suggested that the media isn’t upset about the news because it was done by a Democrat.

Well that, and members of the American corporate news media were complicit.

Eric said if it was learned that former President Donald Trump had gained access to the servers of the Obama administration, “it would be capital punishment.”

While a bit hyperbolic, Eric Trump has a point.

The entire RussiaGate scandal exposed not just the Clinton campaign, but the FBI, the Obama administration, and the intelligence community. It was a full-court attempt to destroy the Republican nominee for president and, when that failed, destroy his presidency.

The low-level Watergate break-in pales in comparison.

And yet the same media that repeatedly claimed Trump’s actions in the White House were “worse than Watergate” act as if this is nothing.

Democrats who spent two years warning that if then-President Trump tried to shut down the Mueller investigation he would be guilty of “obstruction” are now demanding that the Justice Department shut down the Durham investigation.

So, yes. Eric Trump is right. If Donald Trump’s campaign did what the Hillary campaign did, the punishment would be swift and decisive. And the news media would be leading the charge to “lock him up.”

In a statement last Saturday, a vindicated Donald Trump said the court filing from John Durham is “indisputable evidence” that the Hillary campaign spied on his campaign and presidency. Echoing his son Eric, Trump said that at one time a crime like this “would have been punishable by death” in this country.