Eric Swalwell Team Member Gets Arrest Warrant

( On Tuesday, an arrest warrant was issued for the process server hired by ultra-left Democratic California congressman Rep. Eric Swalwell to serve Republican Rep. Mo Brooks a lawsuit.

You might remember that footage showing Christian Seklecki, the Georgia private investigator hired by Swalwell to serve the suit, following Rep. Brooks’ wife home in his car, speeding up the driveway, and then running into Brooks’ private property to serve his wife the papers. Even as Brooks’ wife told the man to leave, he refused.

Rep. Swalwell and his supporters insisted that the investigator did not break the law, but the police apparently disagree. The arrest warrant charges Seklecki with a misdemeanor of first-degree criminal trespass.

A statement from Rep. Mo Brooks announced the news, and according to Madison County District Attorney Rob Broussard, the warrant came from Martha Brooks, Rep, Brook’s wife.

Martha Brooks issued a statement via her husband’s congressional office, saying that she and her husband take security “very seriously” much like other American families, and that she hopes that her actions will cause the process server to “think twice” before illegally entering other peoples’ property and invading the sanctity of another person’s home in the future.

She added that she hopes it also puts those who threaten her family’s safety on notice that they will pursue legal action no matter what.

Seklecki is looking at a fine of up to $6,000 and potentially up to one year in prison for illegally entering the Brooks’ family property, but we’ll have to wait to the court case and see how this pans out. Democrats have insisted ever since the footage was released that Seklecki didn’t enter Brooks’ property as the garage is not technically a dwelling.

That’ll be for the court to decide.

The lawsuit served to Brooks’ wife has been dismissed by the Republican legislator as politically motivated and “meritless.” It claims that Brooks incited the violence on Capitol Hill on January 6, but provides no evidence of Brooks actually calling on Republicans to be violent or engage in any kind of “insurrectionist” behavior.