Epstein Victims Who Took Money From Victim Fund Can’t Testify Against Ghislaine Maxwell

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(FreedomBeacon.com)- As Ghislaine Maxwell, the former partner of dead millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, goes through a court trial over accusations that she helped recruit young women and children for Epstein to sexually abuse, a new report just revealed that some Epstein victims are already blocked from suing her.

Epstein accusers who have already accepted money from his estate’s victim compensation program reportedly signed a release that blocked them from suing Maxwell if they accepted the money.

Bear in mind that Maxwell’s brother, Ian Maxwell, insists that she is innocent. But why would victims be forced to sign a release that blocks them from suing her if she really did nothing wrong?

Insider reported on Wednesday that two executors have so far refused to let any of the victims who took the money sue Maxwell. Some 150 victims have received payouts totaling $125 million from the estate.

It means that those 150 victims may not be able to go after her – once her criminal trial is over – but any remaining victims who were not able to take advantage of the program may still do so.

Attorney David Boies, who represents 14 women who were sexually abused by Epstein, said that it was “frustrating” that they could not hold Maxwell civilly accountable for what happened to these women and girls.

“I think that has, in the survivors’ minds, made accountability through the criminal process even more important,” he said.

Lesley Groff and Sarah Kellen, two of the most famous Epstein victims, have also been barred from suing.

The program was defended by Epstein estate attorney Daniel Weiner who said that it would “make no sense” for the estate to pay out over $120 million in awards only to be risked being “dragged back into litigation when someone who provided services to Mr. Epstein got sued and then impleaded the Estate, alleging that he or she was acting at his direction.”

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