Epstein Investigator Is Booted From Shareholder Meeting

According to a report, the president of a conservative organization was expelled from Berkshire Hathaway’s yearly shareholder meeting and jailed Saturday after challenging founder Warren Buffett’s ideology and bringing up deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) chairman, Peter Flaherty, supported a proposal to separate the CEO and chairman responsibilities. Flaherty suggested that an independent chair would distance the Omaha-based corporation from Buffett’s political activity.

After discussing Buffett’s billions of dollars to Bill Gates’ foundation, Critical Race Theory, and gender ideology, Flaherty claimed a Berkshire executive told him to keep on subject. After Buffett granted him the go-ahead, Flaherty highlighted Gates’ Epstein connections.

Flaherty said everyone knows Bill Gates’ dedication to helping children. After Jeffrey Epstein’s conviction for sex offenses, Gates often visited and traveled with him.

Flaherty also used his remarks to criticize the Gates Foundation for supporting extreme left-wing issues, including gender politics, defunding the police, and critical race theory.

Social media footage shows the crowd booing when Flaherty mentions Epstein. Flaherty told The Daily Wire that he recognized his microphone was cut while speaking on the Gates Foundation before security employees took him from the event and Omaha police detained him. Flaherty was arrested for allegedly refusing to leave. On May 22, he will appear in court after paying a $250 bail.

According to a report, Flaherty wants Berkshire Hathaway to apologize and dismiss the allegations against him. 

Epstein arranged a deal with federal authorities in 2008 after allegations of sexual abuse against teenage females in Florida. He admitted to prostitution charges at the state level, became a registered sex offender, and spent around 13 months in prison on a work-release program.

After being apprehended on sexual slavery accusations in 2019 involving minor girls and entering a not-guilty plea, Epstein allegedly hanged himself in his prison cell at the age of 66.

Gates has admitted that he had meals with Jeffery Epstein for reasons he claims were charitable purposes, but he now considers those dinners to have been a mistake.