England Caves On COVID Passports

(FreedomBeacon.com)- On Sunday, Britain’s Health Secretary Sajid Javid announced that the government has decided not to implement a vaccine passport policy for entry into nightclubs or other crowded events in the UK after opposition from some of the Conservative government’s supporters in Parliament.

Javid told the BBC that they have properly looked into it, and while the government will keep the option in reserve, at this time they would not be going ahead with the plans for vaccine passports.

This reversal came just days after both the government’s vaccines minister and the culture secretary suggested that vaccine passports would still be necessary, despite the growing opposition among lawmakers.

Conservative Party members have stringently objected to such passport requirements, arguing that imposing them would place an unacceptable burden on businesses and infringe on the human rights of citizens.

For many in Britain, the idea of requiring people to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test has not been received at all well, especially given that people in Britain aren’t required to carry identification documents.

Several other European nations are using similar documents showing peoples’ vaccination status ostensibly as a way to re-open society — though the rules vary widely.

While each of Germany’s 16 states has customized the rules for what is required, in general Germans are required to present either a negative test, proof of vaccination, or a certificate verifying they have recovered from COVID before being allowed to participate in indoor dining, drinking or dancing.

In France passes are required to enter bars, cafes, restaurants, museums and other places where the public gathers. France also requires passes for long-distance travel on buses, trains and planes.

In Italy, where discos have not re-opened since the start of the pandemic, so-called Green Passes are required to dine indoors, attend a concert or for domestic travel by trains, buses, planes or ferries.

Nearly 66 percent of UK citizens have been vaccinated against COVID. In the coming days, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to introduce the government’s plan to manage COVID over the next few months.