Elon Musk’s Company The Target Of A New Investigation 

(FreedomBeacon.com)- A report shows Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan,  was on FNC’s “Hannity” to criticize the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for looking into Elon Musk and Twitter. 

Jordan said that the FTC was doing things that could be against the First Amendment. 

He said the FTC called a private business and sent them letters asking what journalists they were talking to.  Jordan remarked that this may be the worst hazard against the First Amendment he had ever seen. The intimidation of Twitter began when Elon Musk acquired the business.  They sent Musk a dozen different letters over the course of about two months. 

Jordan continued by saying the FTC went after a reporter and even identified some journalists by name who were in the Twitter files. 

Jordan said he didn’t think he had ever seen a situation comparable to what the FTC has done to the First Amendment and press freedom. 

Reports show Journalist Matt Taibbi visited “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino” to give an interview after his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on the Twitter Files. 

Taibbi illuminated the web of NGOs and other groups that he holds accountable for restricting speech on social media. 

He discussed his involvement with the Twitter Files, claiming that government agencies are providing lists of identities to social media platforms like Twitter in an effort to get user accounts suspended. 

Taibbi said that as time passed, they realized that there was an entire network of institutions and NGOs behind the directives to social media platforms like Twitter to shut down individual accounts, as opposed to the initial assumption that it was solely DHS and the FBI. This is the most common way users are banned from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. 

Taibbi recalled his time testifying before Congress, and the awful treatment he and colleague witness Michael Shellenberger endured at the hands of Democratic politicians.  He said that the rhetoric used to characterize journalists as a “threat” was ominous, and they would never mistreat a reporter from The New York Times or any far-left media in such a way.