Elon Musk Suspected Of Using Drugs After Freaky Meeting

According to reports, SpaceX executives privately worried that Elon Musk might be under the influence of drugs after he was nearly an hour late to an all-hands meeting. He allegedly rambled and slurred for approximately 15 minutes before the president of the spacecraft manufacturer took over the meeting.

Musk purportedly displayed uncommon incoherence when addressing his SpaceX staff about constructing the Big Falcon Rocket prototype. An executive characterized the event as “nonsensical,” “unhinged,” and “cringeworthy.”

Media outlets are reporting how executives at several of the billionaire’s companies have struggled to manage Musk’s substance use and erratic behavior. Musk’s drug use allegedly includes LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, and ketamine.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Musk’s drug use put nearly $1 trillion in investor assets, about 13,000 jobs, and the future of the US space program at risk.

Musk’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, has stated that these stories are fictitious and there was no contentious all-hands emergency meeting.

Allegedly, members of the board have voiced their worries about Musk’s drug usage, which includes ketamine for depression.

The millionaire, however, found himself in deep trouble due to a single public incident: his use of marijuana on a Joe Rogan podcast.

According to the Wall Street Journal, after the program’s airing, NASA demanded a written commitment from SpaceX stating that the firm would adhere to federal regulations on drug usage at work and allocate $5 million from public funds to teach SpaceX staff.

SpaceX responded by implementing a policy of zero tolerance for illicit drugs by introducing drug-sniffing dogs into the corporation.

Ex-Tesla director Linda Johnson Rice and other executives at his previous firms are reportedly irritated by his alleged drug use.

A number of Tesla board members have raised the question of whether Musk was under the influence of drugs when he surprised shareholders and initiated an SEC probe in 2018 with a tweet stating his intention to take the business private.

Musk temporarily stepped down as chairman of Tesla, and the company was fined $40 million due to the event.