Elon Musk Says Only Twitter Blue Users To Vote On Policy Going Forward

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Elon Musk, the new owner and CEO of Twitter, has been posting a lot of polls on his social media platform recently, some of which have been in regards to policy and structure at the company.

While he has said that he will stick to whatever the results of the polls re, he said that for now on, he’ll only allow people who have a blue tick mark on their account to vote on proposed changes to policy at the company.

This decision comes after Musk launched a poll on Twitter that asked whether he should step down as the company’s chief executive officer. The results of the poll showed that 57.5% of Twitter users believed that he should step down.

Musk hasn’t directly commented on the poll results but did say that he would step down as CEO once he was able to find an appropriate successor.

What he has said is that Twitter will now only allow users who subscribe to the Twitter Blue program to vote on polls that are about company policy from now on.

This comes after a Twitter user said that bots appeared to be voting heavily in that poll. Musk himself responded to that message by tweeting, “interesting.”

Even if Musk were to step down as CEO of Twitter, he would still remain the owner of the company that he turned private after completing his purchase. Many people believe that means that nothing will really change at Twitter, even once it names a new CEO.

Bruce Daisley, who once served as vice president of the company, talked to BBC Today about the situation and said it was similar to a professional sports team changing its manager or head coach. He said:

“The chairman still remains, and Elon Musk is going to be that ever-present voice in the back of the room.”

CNBC tweeted earlier in the week that Musk was searching for a new executive to lead the company, but Musk responded directly to that message with two laughing emojis.

One Twitter Blue user posted that only Blue subscribers should be able to vote in company policy polls, because “we actually have skin in the game.” Musk responded to that:

“Good point. Twitter will make that change.”

The verification feature at Twitter is now a paid subscription that anyone can purchase. It’s a monthly service that costs $8 per month, or $11 per month for people who use the app on an Apple device.

Before this change, the blue check mark next to people’s names on Twitter was used as a way for high-profile accounts to prove that they were actually the real owners of the account. It was used by many politicians, celebrities and other journalists.

Twitter required accounts go through an authentication process to get the blue check mark, and there was no cost to do so.