Elon Musk Says CNN Journalists Posted “Assassination Coordinates” To Target Him

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Far-left media hysterically reported that Elon Musk, an African-American billionaire and new Twitter CEO, suspended the accounts of numerous notable liberal activists and “reporters” from CNN.

CNN writer Donie O’Sullivan, Washington Post reporter Drew Harwell, New York Times reporter Ryan Mac, and left-wing online celebrity Aaron Rupar allegedly doxxed Elon Musk by publishing his real-time location data in “clear violation” of Twitter’s terms of service.

According to reports, when questioned by his Twitter followers about the suspensions, Musk stated that the same doxxing regulations apply to ‘journalists’ as to everyone else.

Musk wrote that they posted his exact real-time location, essentially assassination coordinates, clearly violating Twitter’s terms of service.

Musk’s “Twitter 2.0” intends to address the issue of doxxing, which is the disclosure of a person’s real-time location, address, or other personal information online.

Musk warned earlier this week that any account that publishes the real-time location of any individual would be suspended, as it is a violation of physical safety. This includes providing connections to websites containing real-time location data.
Posting a traveler’s destination after the fact is acceptable, as it does not pose a safety risk.

Reports show that after a Central Florida University student named Jack Sweeney released real-time position data regarding his private jet on Twitter, the CEO of Twitter stated that a strange man had followed a vehicle carrying his minor child.

Musk stated that the car carrying little X in Los Angeles was followed by a crazed stalker who later impeded the car’s movement and climbed atop the hood.  Sweeney’s Twitter account, @Elonjet, was immediately suspended following a careful review for sharing the location data.

Musk stated that legal action was being launched against Sweeney and the groups who advocated harm to his family.

Musk explained in a tweet that criticizing him is perfectly acceptable, but doxxing his real-time whereabouts and endangering his family is not. He added that the accounts involved in the doxxing would be suspended for seven days.

There should be a class-action lawsuit against reporters who have doxxed others to cause harassment and harm.