Elizabeth Warren’s Latest Claim About Stores Shows She Should Not Be In Power

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Failed presidential candidate and extreme left-wing Senator Elizabeth Warren has been in the news a lot lately. First, she wrongly claimed that the reason the cost of goods, food, and energy is going up because manufacturers just arbitrarily chose to increase prices, and then she announced over the weekend that she contracted COVID-19 despite being triple vaccinated.

And now, Warren is back on the topic of inflation and this time blaming large supermarket chains for inflation.

Does this woman have no shame?

On Monday, Warren claimed on Twitter that the big grocery store chains are forcing “high food prices onto American families while rewarding executives & investors with lavish bonuses and stock buybacks.”


She then demanded that these big businesses answer for “putting corporate profits over consumers and workers during the pandemic.”

Warren provided no evidence, of course, that her claims were true. She just threw the accusation out there hoping that it would stick, and presumably knowing that the extreme socialist base of Democrats like her and Senator Bernie Sanders would be happy to hear it.

Last month, inflation nationally hit its highest point in roughly forty years. Supply chain shortages are still rampant across the United States, Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg is struggling to do his job properly and handle it, and labor shortages persist even after the federal government finally ended the extra unemployment benefits for people who just don’t want to go back to work as the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end.

Yes, comes to an end.

The biggest price hikes have been seen in gasoline and fuel prices, food, used vehicles, and houses – and Elizabeth Warren is pointing the finger at…grocery stores?

Yeah, okay.