Elitist Ivy League College To Award Hillary Clinton With Honors

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Hillary Clinton just won’t go away, and people continue to honor her with awards for some reason.

Even after the FBI effectively revealed that the Clinton campaign wasn’t telling the truth when it claimed that Donald Trump’s campaign had a secret server to communicate with Russian banks, and even after her claims of Russian collusion were proven wrong, the former secretary of state and failed presidential candidate keeps getting pats on the back and special rewards.

This time, it’s an invitation to be inaugurated as chancellor of Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she was first appointed to the rule in January of last year.

Clinton will attend a ceremony held by the university on Friday, which is the last day of the first week of the new academic year. It comes after over 50,000 university students in Northern Ireland, which is the part of the island of Ireland that remains a territory of the United Kingdom, go back to in-person classes after a year of remote learning.

Clinton was unable to be officially inaugurated into her new role because of the pandemic but is finally jetting off across the Atlantic to be inaugurated as the 11th chancellor. The ceremony will take place in Whitla Hall, during which she will give a speech and hand out honorary degrees to several people.

It’s not clear what exactly her duties will be as chancellor. It’s probably just symbolic.

A number of new safety measures have been implemented in the university to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 as people return to classes, including requiring all members of staff to take lateral flow tests twice a week if they are working on campus.

We’d promise to update you on how the ceremony goes…but we probably won’t.