Drone Uses Grenade To Neutralize Enemies, Video Shows

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Ukrainian soldiers have used commercial drones as weapons during the Russian invasion, and a new viral video demonstrates their effectiveness.

The Soviet T-80BV tank is parked in a field with the top hatch open in the video, which seems to have been shot with a commercial drone built to shoot high-quality video footage from the air.

In the opening minutes of the video, a grenade is seen descending from the sky (in this case, dropped from the drone that is capturing the footage) and landing precisely within the hatch.

The grenade thrown through the opening and inside the tank instantly detonates, igniting the interior. When the Russian tank gets consumed by flames, the drone immediately ascends into the air while continuing to shoot.

According to Ukraine Weapons Tracker, the event took place in the region of Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Ukraine Weapons Tracker reports that a drone-dropped munition damaged a Soviet T-80BV tank that had been abandoned in Zaporisia Oblast.

On the same day, overhead photographs appeared on Ukraine Weapons Tracker, purportedly showing Ukrainian forces destroying a Russian 2B26 multiple rocket launcher for the first time.

According to Ukraine Weapons Tracker, “the first reported destruction of a Russian 2B26 Grad 122mm MRL by Ukrainian troops.” This particular model is unusual in that it uses a KaMAZ-5350 chassis instead of the more common Grad.

The 19FortyFive reports that the hit was carried out with the help of an Excalibur rocket, one of the most powerful extended-range guided artillery munitions in the Ukrainian military’s arsenal, according to the report.

There are photos of the MLRS sitting in a field before it was destroyed by Ukrainian fire. The second picture shows burn marks encircling the site where the missile launcher formerly stood and its fragments strewn across the ground. It looks like the explosion melted some of the snow, too, but it’s not obvious how long ago the two pictures were shot.