Drag Show Child Event Cancelled After Backlash

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The cancellation of an Idaho “Back to School All Ages Drag Show” was brought on by internet criticism of “misinterpretation of marketing materials.”

On September 24, Southeastern-Idaho Pride hosted its second annual event at the College Market coffee shop in Pocatello, Idaho. The free event intends to “bring the fun and inviting spirit of drag to folks who aren’t generally able to attend events in their regular context (bars, clubs, etc.),” according to the marketing materials.

Libs of TikTok released the event’s promotional materials on Friday, and the event quickly faced public condemnation. Three days later, on Monday,

Southeastern-Idaho Pride announced the show’s cancellation on its Facebook page.
The group announced that they have chosen to cancel the September 24th Drag show.

“As intended, the performance consisted of an 18+ theatrical critique. However, we believe it is preferable to cancel this performance owing to the incorrect interpretation of marketing materials and to lessen the harm to our LGBTQ+ community.”

The Boise Pride Festival’s identical drag show event was discontinued after it received similar online charges of sexualizing kids. Zions Bank and the Idaho Department of Health were the sponsors who dropped out of Boise Pride.

Left-wing media sources and Big Tech have made Libs of TikTok, a popular account that gained popularity by sharing videos and events from left-wing activists, a target of choice.

Twitter had taken down the account multiple times, including when it posted a thread regarding kid drag shows that Twitter said violated its policies against “abuse and harassment.” Employees at Twitter even spoke about permanently removing the account from the service.

The Washington Post and Taylor Lorenz have frequently targeted the account. It was made public on Monday that the publication is penning a hit piece alleging that the account’s exposé of “gender-affirming” procedures performed on young patients at children’s hospitals “foster[s] violence” and that her “posts led to death threats” against medical professionals.