Dr. Phil Risks His Entire Career After Talking About Trans Issues On Show

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Dr. Phil literally risked his career this month when he allowed Matt Walsh, a conservative commentator at The Daily Wire, to appear on his show and debate the trans issue. Walsh was staunch and robust in his approach to tackling the narrative that there is no such thing as a woman…and that, simultaneously, anybody can be a woman.

Take a look at Walsh’s approach to the question on the show, and the absolute horror of the trans guest on the show who couldn’t even define what a woman is.

Isn’t it wild that saying this is now considered controversial, and the simple fact that Dr. Phil allowed it to be said on his show is risking his career?

As crazy as it is, it’s entirely true, and the following tweets prove it.

Blue checkmark Twitter user “mattxiv” was furious at Dr. Phil for allowing Walsh onto the show, writing, “truly fuck dr. phil for this.”

“Why would you invite a nonbinary person onto national television just to be humiliated by an outspoken transphobe?” he wrote.

Humiliated? If he was humiliated, then that’s because he couldn’t argue his case.

Debate is not allowed, because it might upset trans people. That’s the reality we live in now.

Another blue checkmark then claimed that Dr. Phil is “always stirring the pot,” adding that he is “so disrespectful”.

He then asked why Dr. Phil still has a show…a clear call to action from his followers to boycott the show or pressure the network to get rid of him.

You see right through this too, right?