Dr. Fauci Says It’s Time To Make Mandates Vanish

(FreedomBeacon.com)- With public sentiment shifting, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s moment in the spotlight is beginning to dim. So to maintain his media marketability, Doctor Doom is changing his tune.

In an interview published in the Financial Times last Tuesday, the diminutive media-hungry lifetime bureaucrat declared the “full-blown” pandemic phase of COVID is almost at an end.

Almost, but not yet.

Fauci told the outlet that he is hopeful all COVID-related restrictions could wind down in a few months and eventually the federal government can take the boot off our necks and allow COVID response to be dealt with on a local level.

Yeah, most of us got there months ago. Fauci must still be operating under the presumption that people outside of the CNN/MSNBC bubble still care what he thinks.

Unsurprisingly, when Fauci told the Financial Times that the “full-blown” pandemic phase would be coming to an end, he didn’t specify when. Nor did he suggest when such restrictions like mask mandates should end, only saying “soon.”

Meanwhile, outside of the bubble, even Democrat-led states are ending their mask mandates because the (political) science has changed.

When Omicron first appeared on the scene, doctors and scientists not motivated by how many television interviews they might get were saying the milder variant was a clear sign that the pandemic had ended and the virus had become endemic.

But not Anthony Fauci. Nope. He continued to urge people to get vaccines and booster shots and wear masks while fearmongering over the far milder variant.

And it turned out the doctors and scientists not concerned about appearances on CNN and MSNBC were right, and Fauci, facing the end of his never-ending 15 minutes of fame, is just a Tony-come-lately.

Fauci told the Financial Times that there is no way to eradicate COVID, something the non-media-hungry doctors and scientists have been saying since the start. But, said Fauci, we might be arriving at the point where enough people are vaccinated or have natural immunity that “COVID restrictions will soon be a thing of the past.”

They are already a thing of the past.

What Fauci is doing here is setting the stage for the narrative that the government’s COVID response is the reason coronavirus has become endemic.

But that simply isn’t true. It isn’t because of the mandates and restrictions the pandemic became endemic. It’s despite them.

We would have gotten to this point with or without the masking, the lockdowns, and the mandates.