Dr. Fauci Flips On Key Issue

(FreedomBeacon.com)- After first telling the American public not to wear masks, then telling us to wear masks, then telling us not to wear two masks, and then telling us to wear two masks, Dr. Anthony Fauci is now claiming that the Centers for Disease Control will soon offer updated guidelines on the use of masks outdoors…because it would be “common sense” to stop asking people to do it.

The issue of wearing face masks has been a long controversy in the United States, particularly with Fauci – who led the White House Coronavirus Task Force under the Trump administration and remains President Joe Biden’s top COVID-19 adviser – flip-flopping on the issue over the last year.

Fauci said that he believes that the risk of contracting COVID-19 from other people during outdoor activities would be “miniscule,” particularly for those who have taken the COVID-19 vaccine.

“What I believe you’re going to be hearing,what the country is going to be hearing soon, is updated guidelines from the CDC,” he admitted during an interview with “This Week” on ABC.

“The CDC is a science-based organization. They don’t want to make any guidelines unless they look at the data and the data backs it up,” Fauci added, before adding, “but when you look around at the common sense situation, the risk is really low, especially if you’re vaccinated.”

That doesn’t sound like the Dr. Anthony Fauci we’ve all gotten to know over the last year…

In June 2020, Fauci urged Americans to wear masks while indoors and outdoors, saying that “anything that favors the use of masks, whether it’s giving out free masks or any other mechanism, I am thoroughly in favor of.”

During his recent interview with “This Week,” Fauci cited new statistics showing that roughly 30% of the American population has now received both COVID-19 vaccinations, and at least 50% of the population has also received at least one dose of the vaccine.

He also discussed the lifting of the pause on administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, adding that it was not a mistake as the vaccine “continues to meet” standards for “safety, effectiveness, and quality.”

“There was a pause, it was examined, and we’re going ahead with it,” he said.

If Dr. Anthony Fauci wants people to trust him…why does he keep changing his mind?