Dozens of Dead Ducks Wash Ashore At LA Park

In the United States, the contemporary political climate is one of polarization. As the fall season of 2023 approaches nearer, Americans find themselves almost three years into Joe Bidens first term as president and face an election in November 2024. Generally, since 2021 an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty and misdirection in the national climate. President Biden has often appeared weak and incoherent, and in a recent poll only 26% of American’s had faith in his cognitive stamina. What’s more: Biden is increasingly unpopular- and his “green” energy agenda- which has taken a decidedly progressive stance- may be backfiring.

In New Jersey, mass protests along the states southern coastline have been occurring since early this year, as concerned Garden state residents continue to question the ongoing deaths of whales and dolphins along the shoreline. Dozens have washed up on the beaches of the northeastern state since the Murphy administration approved a massive offshore wind project led by the Danish company Orsted. In order to install the windmills (which will be located mere miles from many of the states iconic shore towns and summer tourist traps), sonar mapping is required to locate the ocean floor. This has caused whales and dolphins, who rely on sonar for navigation and eating, to go deaf and blind and eventually they starve. In truth, individuals across the political spectrum are awakening to the hypocrisy of the left.

In another alarming development, ducks washed ashore at a park in Los Angeles, California. These ducks, numbering in the dozens, appear to be sick, and many are dead upon arrival. Visitors of Hollenbeck Park in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of L.A. reported the ducks arriving sickly or deceased. In these sad episodes, individuals assert that these deaths are unusual and worry that the animals have been poisoned. While “Green energy” initiatives may not be the cause of these occurrences, the reports emerging from L.A. are tragic all the same.