Dozens Confirmed Shot In Democrat Controlled Chicago Over Weekend

( Violence is still raging in Chicago, where far-left Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot continues to fail to control the violence and appears to still be blaming neighboring states’ gun laws for her problems.

Over the weekend, a 29-year-old female police officer in the city was murdered and another officer was seriously injured when gunshots were exchanged during a traffic stop. The tragic news was confirmed by city officials on Sunday, with Mayor Lightfoot claiming that the incident was a reason for the people of Chicago to work together to stop the violence.

It sounds like maybe Mayor Lightfoot should be doing more to stop it…

Chicago officers said that over the weekend a total of 73 people were shot, with 11 killed. More than half of those numbers occurred during a time period of just 10 hours.

Is Chicago the most dangerous city in the United States?

The officer who was killed was identified as Ella French. She was the first Chicago officer to be fatally shot while in the line of duty in three years, and she is the first woman to be shot on the job in 33 years.

In a statement published online, the Chicago police department said that they will never forget French’s “true bravery” and that they will grieve the loss of this hero.

French’s partner is also still in hospital fighting serious injuries.

Mayor Lightfoot urged the people of Chicago engaging in violence to simply “stop.”

No, really. That was her answer.

“Stop. Just stop,” she said.

Well, that should do it.