Donald Trump’s Plan For 2024 Is Powerful Beyond Measure

( In a rare stroke of journalism, writer Jonathan Swan published an extensive article on Axios last week outlining Donald Trump’s “radical plan” should he win a second term in the White House.

According to Swan, if he is elected in 2024, Trump intends to act on a plan currently in the works to take a blowtorch to the Federal bureaucracy, cutting tens of thousands of federal jobs.

Swan said Trump’s current “drain the swamp” scheme would scale back the over-bloated bureaucracy in the Pentagon, Justice Department, State Department, and pretty much everywhere else, replacing many of the permanent bureaucrats with political appointees.

At the heart of the scheme is an executive order Trump signed in October 2020 which Joe Biden quickly rescinded called “Creating Schedule F in the Exempted Service.”

This executive order created a new category of federal employees called Schedule F employees. Tens of thousands of government drones who serve in positions deemed to influence policy would fall into this new category. Employees under this category can be fired and/or replaced by the chief executive.

Typically, the president can replace around 4,000 political appointees to ensure each agency has people who align with his agenda. The tens of thousands of federal bureaucrats under them, however, are protected from being removed – no matter how actively they work to undermine the chief executive.

Under Schedule F, as many as 50,000 federal workers would be subject to replacement.

Sure, that sounds like a lot. But bear in mind that the single largest employer in the United States is the federal government. Being able to replace 50,000 people is a drop in the bucket when there are over two million government employees.

Russ Vought, former head of Trump’s Office of Management and Budget, is spearheading plans to streamline the security clearance process so more government employees can be political appointees.

According to Swan, the former president is relying on his close, trusted advisors who are working together with conservative organizations to line up talent, including former chief of staff Mark Meadows, former advisor Stephen Miller, Ed Corrigan, Wesley Denton, Brooke Rollins, James Sherk, Andrew Kloster, and Troup Hemenway.

Read Swan’s extensive article HERE.