Donald Trump’s Lawyer Removed From Twitter For Disturbing Reason

( Remember Jenna Ellis?

She is the fearless lawyer who worked alongside former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the wake of the 2020 presidential election, presenting disturbing evidence of election fraud and misconduct to state legislators all over the country.

Ellis was the face of the fight for election integrity, encouraging state senators to use their Constitutional right to choose presidential electors by taking into consideration the evidence showing how the election was influenced through misconduct and fraud.

And now, Ellis has been booted from Twitter.

Well, it’s only a temporary ban from now, but it’s an indication that Big Tech is watching her and likely won’t stop watching her until they finally find a reason to get rid of her permanently.

Ellis was banned for her response to the growing crisis in Afghanistan, where President Joe Biden’s withdrawal of U.S. troops was executed so badly that the Taliban very quickly took back control of the country within a matter of days. Ellis responded to White House Correspondent for Fox News, Jacqui Heinrich, who published a thread describing how the Department of Defense is planning to accept as many as 30,000 “refugees” from Afghanistan.

Ellis responded by acknowledging that Biden would literally be allowing terrorists into the country, along with the hashtag, #IMPEACHBIDENNOW.

Apparently, saying something that is objectively true is enough to get you kicked off of social media, and Ellis was warned that her comments violated Twitter rules against “hateful conduct.”

Yea, really:

If they aren’t going after Ellis for her accurate reporting of election fraud in 2020, they’re going after her for expressing concern about importing Jihadists into America…