Donald Trump’s DNA Requested In New Lawsuit

( A woman who accused former President Donald Trump of raping her in the 1990s, who later filed a defamation suit against the former president, revealed on Tuesday that she doesn’t intend to depose Trump before trial because she believes it would cause an unnecessary delay. She also added that she is actively seeking a DNA sample from the former president.

Attorney Roberta Kaplan, who represents her client E. Jean Carroll, revealed in a Manhattan federal court in a pretrial hearing that they were looking to obtain Trump’s DNA to prove claims that he raped Carroll.

It’s one of a litany of wild suits filed against the former president, most of which have so far fallen flat.

Kaplan said that a deposition would “inevitably result in an inordinate amount of delay” and that they “want the case to go forward.”

Attorney Alina Habba, who represents the former president, gave a statement outside of the court and said that it was “surprising” that deposition has not been requested. She also said that no DNA has so far been demanded – which flies in the face of what Kaplan claimed.

The prosecuting lawyer said that the DNA was requested way back when the case was first filed in the court, and that the request will move forward to the federal court with the case itself.

Kaplan also estimated that within the next six months she will have an opportunity to interview the former president in a trial.

Carroll herself said that she was filing the suit to represent all women who have been “grabbed and groped, assaulted and raped by men in power and are silenced.”

And while it’s important to respect women who come forward about their sexual abuse, it’s equally important not to assume guilt of all men who are accused.

Trump included.