Donald Trump’s Breakup With Popular Bank Revealed

( Deutsche Bank has been Donald Trump’s go-to bank for the last ten years, lending him more than $400 million while he built a skyscraper in Chicago, a hotel in the center of Washington, DC, and a golf course in Miami.

Letitia James, the attorney general of Fresh York, has revealed in a court filing that the two are now going through an ugly shotgun divorce, with Deutsche Bank holding the shotgun.

The Frankfurt-based multinational bank, which has loaned Trump more money than any other financial institution, has been progressively implementing a “managed withdrawal” from a profitable relationship with the former president dating back to the 1990s since Trump left office last year, according to James’ petition.

The slow-motion divorce, which started 21 months ago, first seems to be a simple process since, in May, Trump successfully paid off all but $45 million of his debt to Deutsche Bank.

The evening James filed her extensive September complaint accusing the former president of misrepresenting his net worth in financial records by billions of dollars, Trump would boast on Fox News, “By the way, I paid them back.”

Trump told Hannity, “The banks earned a lot of money.” She is attempting to support paid-off banks.

But like many lengthy divorces, the breakup between Trump and his former favorite bank started amicably, in a backroom brawl of accusations, threats, and name-calling.

The New York Attorney General’s (AG) investigation into Donald Trump’s inflated net worth disrupted Deutsche Bank’s decision-making process. The bank wanted to know what was going on with AG James’ investigation and why it took six months to ask questions.

Deutsche Bank sent a letter to Donald Trump Jr. The bank was concerned about Donald Trump’s purportedly false financial statements. Alan Garten, the lead attorney for the Trump Organization, provided Deutsche Bank with a less-than-complete response.

He said the letter just recently came to our knowledge. They had not seen it previously.

Deutsche Bank sent an email to Donald Trump’s lawyer asking for “additional information” about fraud claims made by the president-elect’s attorney. The bank wanted to determine “if an event of default may have happened” in the $170 million Old Post Office loan.

Deutsche Bank ended its four-decade partnership with Donald Trump in May 2021. The decision was made by three bank officials on a Skype chat, according to Attorney General Eric James’ court filing from last week’s hearing.