Donald Trump Went To Hospital In 2019 For Colonoscopy

( Stephanie Grisham, a former White House aide during the Trump administration who has since turned her back on the Trump family and begun selling stories to the press, has claimed in a new book that the former president visited the Walter Reed medical center in 2019 for a colonoscopy.

The Washington Post and New York Times both reported on the claim from the new memoir, which is not yet released, describing how reporters at the time went crazy at how little information was provided by the White House about the former president’s hospital visit.

Trump claimed at the time that his visit to the hospital was part of his normal annual check-up, which is typically done in just one appointment. It sparked a frenzy among CNN and MSNBC reporters suggesting the then-president might have been deathly ill.

Grisham only said that the trip was for a colonoscopy but confirmed former President Trump’s claim that it was “routine.” She said that it is a “very common procedure” and that former President George W. Bush had one during his time in the White house.

In short…it’s a big fuss about nothing. And Grisham is bringing it up again because she knows the media will report on it again, and she might make some more book sales.

There’s a reason we haven’t mentioned the name of her book.

Grisham noted that it is common for people to be placed under anesthesia during these procedures, but was so reluctant to hand over the powers of the presidency to then-Vice President Mike Pence that he opted to undergo the procedure without anesthesia. She also noted that Trump didn’t want to be the target of “butt” jokes by television comedians.

Which makes sense. Who would want that?

Spokespeople for former President Donald Trump and former First Lady Melania Trump have dismissed stories shared by Grisham as nonsense and described her as a “disgruntled former employee.”