Donald Trump Warns California Recall Is “Probably Rigged”

( Mark Joyella from Forbes is really upset with Donald Trump and right-wing media.

Apparently what has Joyella all hot under the collar is something Trump said during a recent Newsmax interview. Joyella, pearls firmly clutched, said the former president suggested “without any evidence” that the California recall election will probably be rigged.

The well-I-nevery Joyella then cites other instances in “right-wing” media outlets where a guest or host had the temerity to make similar “unsubstantiated” claims that reliance on mail-in balloting could lead to rampant voter fraud in next week’s recall.

But if Mark Joyella wants to get upset with someone claiming “without any evidence” that fraud will happen during the California recall, perhaps he should turn his sights on eight election security experts who just penned a letter to California’s Secretary of State.

It was reported in the Associated Press last week that a group of election security experts called for a “rigorous audit” to detect malicious attempts to interfere with the election after copies of Dominion systems were publicly released.

These experts explained that the breaches, from a county in Colorado and another in Michigan, present a heightened risk to elections because the system is used for a number of administrative functions — from designing ballots and configuring voting machines to tallying results.

In their letter to California Secretary of State Shirley Weber, the experts admit that they don’t have evidence that anyone plans to attempt a hack of the Dominion voting systems used in California, nor are they blaming Dominion.

However, these experts explain, the release of the Dominion software to the public has “increased the risk to the security of California elections.”

The eight election security experts who signed on to the letter include computer scientists, election technology experts and cybersecurity researchers.

Jenna Dresner, a spokeswoman for the Secretary of State’s office, said that California has a number of security measures in place to protect the voting systems in the state and they were “designed to withstand potential threats.”

Nonetheless, these security experts want any California counties using Dominion’s election management system to conduct what is known as a “risk-limiting audit.”