Donald Trump Surges In New Poll

( Former President Donald Trump is more popular than ever…and all it took was a year of failed Democrat policies for people to remember just how good things were under the Trump administration.

A new poll from Rasmussen Reports just revealed how more American voters believe that former President Donald Trump reflects their views than they do President Joe Biden.

After all – what does Joe Biden even believe? It’s hard to tell when extreme left-winger Vice President Kamala Harris is pulling the strings, and Joe Biden just does what his teleprompter tells him…

Out of those polled, some 44% said that Trump reflected their views while only 31% chose President Joe Biden.

When broken down by party, some 73% of Republicans said that Trump reflected their political views, but only 58% of Democrats said that Biden represents them.

It means that former President Trump is not only more reflective of American society as a whole, but that he’s more popular among his own party as he heads into a possible third run for the White House.

When offered alternatives, some 19% of Democrats said that they associate more with the values and beliefs of extremist socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Voters with no party affiliation chose Trump, too. Some 47% said that Trump reflected their views, and a tiny 22% said that they support Joe Biden. An even smaller 11% said that they support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

You know what that means? Independents prefer Trump and the Republicans, and a tiny portion of Americans think that Joe Biden is doing the right thing. That’s a good sign for freedom lovers as we head toward the 2022 midterm elections.