Donald Trump Strikes As He Pushes For GOP Takeover In 2022

( Anti-Trump Republicans began the year confident that with Donald Trump no longer President, the 2022 Midterms would be their chance to “retake the party” from the Trump-supporting America First GOP.

They were wrong.

Almost immediately after leaving office, President Trump and his allies began positioning for the Midterm elections. And now that the unofficial start of the 2022 election cycle is here, Trump’s team have expanded their political activities across the map.

In addition to picking up the pace on endorsements, Trump is also planning to barnstorm through Georgia and Iowa sometime in the coming weeks.

And while Trump is doing that, his allies are sinking millions into promoting the candidates he’s endorsed while his consultants are getting involved with key primary races to toss out incumbent Republicans who have failed to fight for the America First agenda.

According to one Trump operative, the former President will be on the campaign trail pretty aggressively during the Midterm cycle which unofficially kicked off after Labor Day.

Trump started issuing endorsements throughout the spring and summer, but in recent weeks has picked up the pace. And while many of the endorsements have been for Republicans challenging Democrat incumbents, quite a few have been for Republican primary challengers looking to unseat weak Republican incumbents. Unsurprisingly, every primary challenger endorsed by Trump is running against a GOP incumbent who voted to impeach him.

But it isn’t just Congressional races Trump and his team are supporting. President Trump is also endorsing Republicans for statewide races as well.

Naturally some Republicans aren’t too happy with Trump’s ubiquity. Their objection is that Trump’s involvement in the Midterms would harm, not help, Republican efforts to retake Congress. Central to their concerns is that the “suburban women” who were put off by Trump’s mean tweets won’t vote Republican if Donald Trump is out there campaigning for candidates.

While some Republican “strategists” believe the GOP will still retake the House either way, they believe Trump being out on the campaign trail may cut the number of seats Republicans win by half. Their argument is Democrats love to hate Trump. And his presence on the campaign trail will give Democrats the ideal foil to gin up turnout among Democrat voters.