Donald Trump Says Suit Against Big Tech To Protect Free Speech Before YouTube BLOCKS His CPAC Speech

( Last week, former President Donald Trump announced that he was leading up a class-action lawsuit against Big Tech giants Facebook, Google and Twitter as well as their executive officers. At the heart of the case is argument that once these private companies act as state agents, First Amendment restrictions limiting government actions against free speech apply to them.

You could watch the video of Trump’s announcement at the American Conservative Union’s YouTube channel, but YouTube censored it and removed it from its platform.

Ah, the irony.

Two days after Trump’s Bedminster speech, YouTube contacted the ACU to inform them they received a “strike” on their account which would prevent them from uploading new content for a week. Since the American Conservative Union hosts CPAC, that mean that the ACU would not be able to upload any of the video from last weekend’s CPAC event in Dallas, Texas.

President Trump spoke at CPAC on Sunday. But, of course, ACU was unable to upload video of his speech due to the “strike” against them.

In the email ACU received from YouTube, the Google-owned video sharing platform cited “medical misinformation” surrounding COVID-19 as the reason Trump’s lawsuit announcement was deleted. In his announcement President Trump cited the censoring of hydroxychloroquine as a therapeutic treatment for COVID. Though, YouTube did not specifically cite this reference as the reason for deleting the video.

According to ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp, it isn’t coincidence that YouTube censored their channel just before CPAC. Schlapp called the move yet another example of Big Tech censoring political content with which they disagree as a way to “promote the political positions they favor.”

Well, that and YouTube probably didn’t like the idea of a video naming them as a defendant in a lawsuit being on their platform.

But President Trump’s CPAC speech wasn’t just barred from upload by ACU. Right Side Broadcasting’s live video feed of Trump’s speech was shut down by YouTube as well.

Those who want to see it can see it at Rumble.

But this is how brazenly confident Big Tech is. Even in the face of a class action lawsuit, they do not hesitate to censor the former President of the United States.