Donald Trump Says Herschel Walker Running For U.S. Senate!

( Herschel Walker, the legendary former American football star and mixed martial artist who angered Democrats by speaking in support of then-President Donald Trump in last year’s Republican National Convention, is reportedly running for Senate in Georgia.

Good news for the people of Georgia!

The news was announced by the former president during an interview on The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show on Tuesday, saying that Walker had told him he was planning to run and that he thinks he will.

Trump also said that he had dinner with Walker a week ago and that he believes he is a great guy, very loyal, and a patriot.

On Tuesday, Walker issued a statement in response to the news, and said that he is “looking at the race closely.”

He added that Georgia is his home, that he loves the state and loves his country, and believes that we need “fighters” to come forward to save both the state and the country. He said that if he does run, he will be “all-in” and he’ll do whatever it takes to win for Georgia.

It sounds an awful lot like Donald Trump’s winning 2016 message.

It also sounds a lot like hope for Georgia, which is currently enduring the effects of having two radically left-wing Democrat Senators.

Trump has encouraged Walker to run for the seat for a long time, and the question of whether or not the former football star will run in the race has stalled efforts from several other major Republican players looking to take the party’s nomination for the 2022 race. Perhaps the biggest name already on the ballot is Agricultural Commissioner Gary Black.

He’ll no doubt be disappointed if Walker joins the race…because he’s definitely going to be favorite.

Walker may have lived in Texas for many years, but a combination of the fact that he is a much-loved football star and that he promotes President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda means he’s likely to gain significant support. And could well win.

At this point, it will be a shock if Walker doesn’t run…