Donald Trump Says He May Not Have A Choice For 2024

( Former President Donald Trump has remained fairly vague about whether or not he intends to run in 2024. While he has appeared at multiple campaign-style rallies and events so far, Trump has not yet confirmed his decision.

It appears to be the fault of campaign financing laws that would restrict the way that his Save America PAC can spend money after he officially makes an announcement, but that isn’t stopping him from heavily implying that he intends to take another shot at becoming president.

During an exclusive Fox News Digital interview, the former president said that the United States is “getting to a point where we really have no choice” but to run for another term in office.

“It is disgraceful,” he said, before adding that the Biden administration is doing a horrendous job and that he is responsible for the “greatest embarrassment” in American history. He was of course referring to the disastrous and dangerous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan that left thousands of Americans stranded in the country, and more than a dozen U.S. military personnel unnecessarily killed.

Trump said that the “death for no reason” is enough to make him seriously think about his future, and added that the parents of the soldiers who died because of Biden’s mismanagement of the withdrawal want to speak with him, and not with Biden.

In the interview, which you can hear in full here, Trump said that Biden is the “most incompetent” person to ever take the reins in the White House – which is saying something, given how horrible the Obama administration was – and that the Democrats are being disingenuous when they continue to tell people to be “inclusive” and to “get together.”

“They’re not inclusive,” he said. “They are very, very dividing and divisive.”

Have truer words ever been spoken?

The former president has repeatedly denied to confirm his plans, but did tell people at a 9/11 commemorative event last week that he thinks people will be “happy” with his decision.

It looks like he’s running.