Donald Trump Says He Is NOT Looking To Turn GOP Into “Trump Party”

( After months of speculation that former President Donald Trump wanted to form his own third party, as well as speculation that the president is attempting to remake the Republican Party in his image, he spoke out recently and said he is not doing either.

Speaking to WABC New York radio, Trump said, “I’m not looking to have it be the party of Trump.”

Instead, the former president said that he would like to see the Republican Party adopt major policies from his “Make America Great Again” agenda, because he’s “looking to have a great country.”

It’s not the first time President Trump has put his own self-interest over the country. This is the man who lost between $2 billion and $5 billion by serving as president for four years.

“I’m looking to have a country that is run by people that know what they’re doing, and we had it going,” Trump said, referencing the incredible economic successes of his administration before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

He told WABC that he is “loving” what he does and “loving the results that we’ve had” and said that he believes people will be “very happy” with his decision when he ultimately decides whether or not to run for office again in 2024.

The former president has previously indicated interest in running again, but has refrained from making any official announcement as it would change the tax situation for his political campaign groups. It is widely expected that the former president will announce his candidacy in the coming years. During the radio interview, he encouraged people to “stay tuned” for more announcements on that.

He also slammed the Biden administration for failing to deliver on the border.

“I just think it’s incompetence, and nobody can be happy with what’s happening at our border,” he said.

He’s got that right…