Donald Trump Says GOP Must Not Give Up On Debt Ceiling

( Former President Donald Trump is calling on Congressional Republicans to stand strong and refuse to make concessions on increasing the debt ceiling. It comes as the Democrats continue to push their unprecedented $3.5 trillion social spending plan which would plunge Americans into yet more debt and worsen already rapidly-rising inflation.

On Wednesday, the 45th president said that raising the debt ceiling was the main tool the GOP has to stop Democrats from passing these huge spending bills, stressing that their plans would destroy the United States.

As a condition for extending the debt ceiling, Trump said that Republicans must demand that Democrats scrap their plans to spend trillions of dollars on social spending programs.

It comes as some experts predict that, if the Democrats get their way on these spending programs, national debt could increase by a massive $89 trillion before 2030.

We’re already at the point where the national debt is unlikely to ever be paid off. What happens when it increased by almost another $100 trillion?

In the statement, Trump said that Democrats will have “no choice” but to scrap their spending plans if the Republicans refuse to extend the debt ceiling and force the United States to default on its debt obligations.

It goes without saying that far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Leader Chuck Schumer would find ways to bypass requiring the consent of Republican legislators, but Trump’s plan is the only one put forward by a Republican so far that could work.