Donald Trump Reveals Massive Election Fraud

( During an interview with radio presenter Wayne Root last week, former President Donald Trump discussed the evidence of widespread election fraud and misconduct in last year’s presidential election. Trump questioned just how Many Americans genuinely believe that President Joe Biden received more votes than any other presidential candidate in history.

“Does anybody really believe that Biden got 80 million votes?” Trump asked, before going on to add that in some swing states there were more votes cast than there are voters.

It’s an incredible claim and once that could ultimately be proven true by audits taking place in states all over the country.

President Trump also referred to the audit currently taking place in Arizona. The forensic audit, which is being run by three independent organizations, is using advanced pattern recognition techniques to determine whether votes were cast fraudulently, and if so, how many were cast.

You can listen to the interview with the former President here.

Trump has insisted before that some swing states saw more votes than voters. He recognized the problem way back in November, in the days when was still allowed on Twitter, noting that election officials were ignoring the massive anomalies in swing states.

Twitter obviously flagged the tweet, claiming that the claim about election fraud was “disputed,” and when President Trump said that he would win the election – which he based on the assumption that election fraud would not be allowed to pass – Twitter said, “multiple sources called this election differently.”

Of course, Twitter was right to assume that election fraud would be ignored and Biden would be inaugurated.