Donald Trump Officially Responds To Melania Trump Rumors

( Remember those reports a few months ago about former First Lady Melania Trump not wanting her husband, former President Donald Trump, to run for office again? And that if he does, she won’t be returning to the campaign trail or the White House?

Well, it turns out they were fake news. There’s a surprise.

The former president, speaking last Thursday to Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade, said that the reports were untrue.

Kilmeade asked Trump whether former First Lady Melania Trump told him that she would not back him if he runs again, to which he responded, “not that’s not true, more fake news.”

And there you have it.

Trump added that Melania was a “great first lady,” that she “did a great job” and that she loves the American people as much as they love her.

You may recall that CNN said back in September that Melania Trump was purposely trying to stay away from the spotlight, and considers her time in the White House as being completely “over.”

While CNN might be right that Melania Trump is enjoying time being away from the spotlight – and who could blame her? – they weren’t right that she doesn’t support her husband in a potential future run.

The former president has not yet confirmed whether or not he plans to run in 2024, but it is likely that the former president is waiting until after the 2022 midterm elections.

Next time around, Trump is likely to face more Republican challengers and is expected to return to the debate stage in the primaries – and should he win the nomination, he told Kilmeade that Melania Trump will be back out stumping for his campaign.