Donald Trump Exposes January 6th Investigators As Merely Distractors

( Former President Donald Trump isn’t afraid of calling out the Democrats over their unfair and hypocritical handling of the January 6 riot in Washington, D.C., and their brutal treatment of non-violent protesters. He’s also evidently unafraid of criticizing far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ultra-partisan “January 6 Commission” that she claims is an effort to “investigate” the origins of the protest.

Trump issued a statement through his Save America PAC slamming the select committee after it requested documents and communications from the former president’s administration in an effort to link Trump-era officials to the riot.

There is no evidence of the Trump administration ever endorsing a violent riot, and in fact, all the evidence shows that the former president called on protesters on January 6 to be peaceful the entire time. He even called on violent protesters to stop what they are doing and go home.

In the statement, Trump slammed the select committee as “Leftist” – which it is – and said that it further exposed itself as a “partisan sham” and a giant waste of taxpayer money by making requests that will distract America from the series of disasters created by the Biden administration.

He also said that he will defend his Executive Privilege on behalf of his Administration and the patriots who worked with him, and will refuse to comply with their “political theater.”


It follows letters sent by Pelosi’s hyper-partisan committee to a number of government agencies, including the National Archives, Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI, requesting White House records.

They are so desperate to pin the January 6 riot on former President Donald Trump, but still refuse to even accept that the far-left riots of 2020 were even more damaging, more violent, more deadly, and influenced by the Democrats.