Donald Trump Calls In Officials To Reform States To Protect Election

( Former President Donald Trump isn’t giving up on his campaign to ensure election integrity and has called on a number of swing states to adopt new legislation that would protect all elections from being influenced by fraud or misconduct.

In a statement issued by Trump’s “Save America PAC” on Tuesday, the former president singled out Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, describing how voters in these states have lost confidence in the electoral process after evidence of widespread fraud was revealed in the wake of the last presidential election.

The statement was issued after Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, vetoed a bill that would reform the state’s election system to make it harder for fraud to occur. The bill had already passed the Republican-run state Legislature.

Why are Democrats repeatedly standing in the way of ensuring election integrity?

What do they have against fair and honest elections?

Trump also criticized Pennsylvania’s election officials over revelations that dead registered voters were kept on the voter rolls by former Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar. He described how 21,000 deceased people remained on the voter rolls in the last election, which could have impacted the results.

He called on Republicans in state legislatures to “get tough” and pass “real election reform” to fight back against radical left-wing Democrats. And if Republicans don’t do that, he said, then the Democrats will steal elections again in 2022 and 2024.

The bill vetoed by the far-left Democratic governor of Pennsylvania would have expanded on existing voter ID law in the state, require regular election audits to weed out fraud and prevent it, and to improve election uniformity across the 67 counties in the state, as is required by the Pennsylvania Constitution.

It would have also improved the lists of registered voters in the states.

What could Democrats possibly, legitimately oppose about that?