Donald Trump Being Told To Wait For Running Announcement By Top Advisers

( Donald Trump hasn’t yet announced whether he will run for president again in 2024. All along, sources have said that he will wait to make that announcement for another year or so.

And now, the full reason behind that decision is becoming clearer.

On Monday, the Washington Post published a report that said advisers to the former president are telling him to not announce whether he’ll run for president until after the 2022 midterm elections. The reason for this is they don’t want Trump to be blamed should Republicans not win control back of either the Senate or House — or both — in those elections.

The Post cited people who were familiar with the ongoing discussions. While Trump apparently is eager to make his intentions known, the advisers are urging him to be patient.

Trump had expressed a desire to launch his campaign for president back in August. The timing was perfect, he thought, as the United States and President Joe Biden was reeling from the disastrous handling of the military situation in Afghanistan.

Despite not officially announcing his plans, Trump has come to a decision about what he will do in the future. He told Sean Hannity of Fox News in July that he’s made his decision, but he wouldn’t reveal any more details.

Some of the advisers that the Post cited in their story said they were worried that if Trump were to announce his plans early, Democrats would then focus all of their campaigns for the 2022 midterm elections around Trump, rather than their actual opponent.

While the former president has never shied away from the attention, the advisers have been saying that could be a bad thing, as turnout could increase as a result for those elections, which could result in Democrats holding onto their slim majorities in both chambers of Congress.

In addition to that fear of retribution, the advisers are telling Trump he could have a bigger effect on the outcome of the midterm elections if he remained, for now, a former president rather than switching to a future presidential candidate. In other words, he could seem as a trusted adviser himself, rather than as someone who’s looking to boost his own political gains.

The other interesting aspect to this is if Trump were to announce his candidacy now, he might have to be subjected to rules regarding equal time on television. As a result, that could reduce the impact on the midterm elections that he could have, which would go against his entire idea.

Even though this is all true, Trump is still acting as if he is a candidate in the lead up to next year’s crucial midterm elections. He’s rallying his supporters to his side, even though he’s not officially a candidate in any election coming up.

Sooner rather than later, though, that is expected to change.