DOJ To Investigate FTX Founder And Democrat Donor

( Some of the most notorious agencies on the planet are now paying attention to the FTX bankruptcy.

Investors hurried to withdraw their money from FTX, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, last week out of concern that it was about to go under.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the business’s owner, insisted that the fund was not at risk. That proved untrue, as FTX filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Friday, and Bankman-Fried resigned as CEO.

Since then, it has been claimed that at least $1 billion in client funds have vanished, and there have been speculations of a Bankman-Fried flight to South America. He has denied this.

We discovered that at least $1 billion was lost, and FTX was also involved in dealings with Ukraine. We also know that Bill Clinton and the now-retired CEO of FTX made presentations at the most recent Clinton Global Initiative. It must be questionable if the Clintons were connected to it.

Today, it was revealed that the World Economic Forum had removed the portion of its website that indicated a relationship with FTX.

What were the WEF and FTX doing?

This morning, the website reported that the dishonest SDNY was looking into FTX.

According to news sources on Monday, the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office looks into FTX after its collapse, reportedly valued at more than $32 billion.

According to Reuters, which used an unnamed source, prosecutors at the Department of Justice’s Southern District of New York have started an investigation. According to reports cited by Reuters last week, at least $1 billion in customer funds had disappeared from FTX, a company based in the Bahamas.

FTX is the former third-largest cryptocurrency exchange, according to the Wall Street Journal’s reporting.

The DOJ under Biden is ridiculously corrupt. That agency looking into FTX is so unreliable it defies belief. The military branch of the Biden government is Biden’s DOJ.

The Democrats, the Clintons, the World Economic Forum, and Ukraine are all associated with FTX. The investigation into the numerous corrupt connections to this corporation by Biden’s FBI and DOJ will never be completed.