Dog Euthanasia Rises Sharply In Recent Years

A new revelation claims that man’s best buddy is also suffering under President Joe Biden’s administration.

One particularly noteworthy statistic was the increase of 25% in “non-live outcomes,” which include cases when the animal is either lost, dies at a shelter or is killed.

The euthanasia rate was predicted to reach a three-year high. (It’s important to remember that shelters only resort to euthanasia when completely overcrowded.)

According to the latest research from Shelter Animals Count, a nationwide database for animal shelters, pet ownership in the United States was much more problematic for dogs; compared to 2021, the proportion of non-live outcomes was 73.8% higher for canines.

According to reports, the number of homeless animals has increased as financially strapped households have given up the pets they could no longer afford to maintain.

Also, the pandemic had a role in this pattern, as locked-down Americans turned more often to animal companionship during that period, a tendency that will be challenging to maintain as more people return to on-site workplaces.

“The end of epidemic eviction moratoriums” and “rising rents” were two causes of the rise in abandoned pets.

Euthanasia rates of shelter cats and dogs during the last three years:

6.8 percent in 2021
7.2 percent in 2022
8.5% in 2023

Fifty-one thousand canines were put to sleep between January and July. According to the report, this startling number is a 37% rise from last year.

While the SAC study was concerned with the data, the significant increase in animal euthanasia stopped short of blaming “Bidenomics.” It’s important to remember that pet ownership does not come cheap. Inflation affects the price of everything, including the usual medical bills that come with keeping a canine and the basics like water, treats, and dog food.

It’s no surprise that more individuals are surrendering their pets to shelters, given the present economic climate and the crushing expenses of merely having a roof over your head.