Doctors Are Concerned “Botched” Vaccine Rollout Will Hurt Vaccine Usage

( According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the nation’s failed Covid-19 vaccine roll-out is driving Americans to lose faith in all vaccinations. A letter to the editor published by a group of medical researchers alerted the journal to the alarming trend.

The letter claimed that in the United States, the divisive character of immunization against coronavirus disease (Covid-19) harms public health and has contributed to ‘variable statewide vaccine uptake that ranged from 50 to 80% as of January 2022.’ They believe low Covid-19 immunization rates would be connected with declines in influenza vaccination rates, given the split national landscape and anecdotal evidence from their own patients.

The researchers explained they calculated changes in influenza vaccine uptake at the state-population level during the pandemic after Covid-19 vaccines became widely available relative to before the pandemic. They used nationally representative data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Researchers also stated that the conclusions about specific policies and messaging that promotes the COVID-19 vaccine go beyond the scope of the environmental study. But the findings show after the widespread availability of the Covid-19 vaccine, research show safety Problems, suspicions of the Covid-19 vaccine, and mistrust of the government may have influenced the low influenza vaccine rate.

Ironically, the letter was published on the same day that an FDA panel ignored red flags in clinical trial data and unanimously recommended multiple Covid shots for babies and toddlers.

According to reports, Dr. Anthony Fauci tested positive for Covid-19, despite the federal government’s earlier assurances that Covid vaccinations would protect Americans from infection.

As Fox News show host Tucker Carlson explained on his show the other night, Dr. Fauci had been infected even after getting four Covid-19 vaccinations. But he is still pushing for more vaccines.

Doctors around the country, and the world, are concerned that patients may no longer trust them. It’s not difficult to see why.