Do Americans Think They’re In The Final Days Of The Bible?

( With the war in Ukraine blazing and most of the world still struggling with the coronavirus epidemic and severe COVID-vaccine responses, a new survey asks Americans whether they believe we’re in the last days before Jesus returns.
Joel C. Rosenberg, the founder and chairman of The Joshua Fund, states that Christians are wondering about such concerns in the United States, Canada, and worldwide, including Israel. He also says that members of the secular media are as well — sometimes with genuine interest, but more frequently with contemptuous scorn.
The Joshua Fund’s poll included four questions:
-Do you think Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has sparked Europe’s most significant land conflict since World War II, is one of the indicators Jesus mentioned in the Bible when He said there would be wars and rumors of wars in the last days before His return?”
39.8% said yes. 40.3% said no. The rest weren’t sure.

The second question was:
-Do you believe that the COVID epidemic, which has killed over six million people throughout the world, is one of the signs that Jesus mentioned in the Bible when He warned that catastrophic ‘plagues’ would occur in the ‘last days’ before His return?
40.1% said yes. 41.1% said no. 18.7% weren’t sure.
The third question was:
-Do you think the new nuclear agreement being negotiated by the international community with Iran’s leaders will make the world safer or more dangerous?
31.3% believe that it will make the world safer. 47.4% believe that it ‘will make the world more dangerous. 21.3% said they don’t know.

The fourth question was:
-Do you feel that if the Iranian dictatorship can ever create a fully operable nuclear arsenal, such weapons will represent a threat to Israel’s six million Jews?
67.6% said they believe Iran wants to use nuclear weapons to wipe Israel off the map. 12.5% said they didn’t believe Iran poses a nuclear threat to Israel. 19.9% said they didn’t know.
Years ago, Franklin Graham, a well-known Christian preacher, asked rhetorically, “Does this Scripture not represent the times in which we live?”
He lamented people’s blatant contempt, uncontrolled hatred, vileness, and malevolence and how the media and entertainment industries feed so much of this.
He went on to say that he believes God is defining our age. God forewarns us that judgment is on the way. Only God has the power to alter a person’s heart, and He is willing to do it for anybody who believes in His Son, Jesus Christ.