DNC Chair Claims Biden Impeachment Is For Being a ‘Good Father’

A report shows DNC Chair Jaime Harrison was asked in an appearance on ABC News Live about the movement to impeach President Joe Biden, and he wondered if they were prepared to impeach a President because he’s a good parent for sticking up for his child.

Host Linsey Davis wanted to know whether the potential impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives worried Harrison.

Harrison said he’s a father to two wonderful sons, and they have a mixed track record of good and bad deeds. But as a parent who loves his boys, he will never abandon them. Harrison then claimed Joe Biden was just a devoted father who adores his son Hunter and will continue to support him.

In recent news, House Republicans obtained transfer documents showing President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, had identified his father’s Delaware residence as the beneficiary location for two bank transfers from China in 2019.

The younger Biden got two wires from China in 2019, of $10,000 and $250,000, according to the bank data acquired by the House Oversight Committee via a subpoena. Longtime friend and business partner Jonathan Li has sent at least one payment.

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer remarked to the media that bank statements don’t lie, but President Joe Biden does.

In 2020, President Biden assured the public that the Chinese government had never given him any money. That claim was debunked earlier in the year, and now we have evidence that two wires sent from Beijing had Joe Biden’s Wilmington residence listed as the beneficiary address while he was a presidential candidate.

Republican lawmakers have paid close attention to the president’s son’s business connections in China, especially his involvement with the bankrupt energy company CEFC China Energy.

Comer’s statement said that when Joe Biden was vice president, he met with Jonathan Li in China and subsequently wrote a college letter of reference for his children. Joe Biden endangers our national security by using his position in government for personal benefit. The American people want and deserve accountability for President Biden’s and the First Family’s misconduct.

The Democrat Party’s difficulties benefit President Trump, who leads all GOP rivals by large majorities.