Disney To Use Sticker Tracking System For Unvaccinated Workers

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Disney appears to be taking inspiration from a certain 20th-century fascist leader and forcing its workers to wear stickers to identify whether or not they have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

Maybe they’ll be yellow, too?

The Walt Disney Co. is reportedly implementing the new sticker system to help people determine whether its workers have received the vaccine or not. Breitbart reports that all fully vaccinated workers in its “Zone A” – which is the area closest to all the actors – will be made to wear a wristband.

Tatiana Siegel, The Hollywood Reporter’s executive film editor, said on Twitter that the vaccine debate is currently “tearing Hollywood apart” and that it recently resulted in Letitia Wright saying goodbye to her entire American team of representatives after she posted a video in December that raised questions about the vaccine.

Netflix, the online alternative to traditional film and TV studios, has also reportedly implemented a similar system to Walt Disney. The company requires all crew members and actors who work in the “Zone A” part of the sets to be vaccinated and could soon be moving on to creating a visible vaccine ID system like Disney.

The decision to implement such a system is going to be controversial. It would mean that employees are forced to declare their health status to team members – something that is completely unprecedented.

It also doesn’t make sense based on the fact that the entertainment industry is not required to mandate vaccination for workers. Crew members and actors are therefore being discriminated against by their employer…not that being discriminated against by the government is any better.