Disney To Send Money To Florida Despite Ron DeSantis Big Win

According to reports, Disney has been in court with Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, over the state’s anti-grooming statute, which is aimed at preventing the indoctrination of LGBTQ youth into the state’s public schools. Despite this, Disney still plans to spend billions in the state.

Disney Resorts head Josh D’Amaro allegedly indicated the firm is still aiming to invest $17 billion in additional or upgraded parks at Disney World in Orlando.

According to a CNBC story, D’Amaro spoke last week in Boston at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media, and Communications Conference.  He informed the crowd they are being proactive with Walt Disney World, and their $17 billion investment is evidence of that.

On the day he officially kicked off his run for president, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis defended his decision to sue Disney. He said that Florida is a symbol of the movement to safeguard children. Inculcating gender ideology at such a young age is inappropriate. Disney’s stance on introducing gender ideology into primary schools is clear.

A report shows there are a lot of people that visit Central Florida annually because of Disney’s theme parks. One of the most fundamental metrics to examine is foot traffic.

Over $1 billion in taxes were reported paid by Disney in Florida. That sum exceeds the whole of several state budget categories.

Disney’s parks are a massive source of employment in Florida, and that aspect of the equation is sometimes overlooked even when total tourist tax income is included.

According to the report, Disney also contributes to the state government in other ways that are not reflected in those numbers. People that go to Disney often choose to spend the night there. Some of them visit local eateries and motels, while others take short excursions. All of these expenditures result in tax revenue as well.