Diesel Prices Surge By 75%

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The cost of diesel fuel, which is needed by farmers and truckers to get supplies to Americans, has risen by 75% in the last year. According to a survey released on May 16 by the American Automobile Association (AAA), the national average for diesel fuel is $5.61 a gallon.

The continuous suffering for Americans at the pump, particularly in the Northeast section of the country, was highlighted by news reports. Because the Northeast has few refineries, prices are much higher. For example, in New York, gas costs as much as $6.51 a gallon, a staggering 102 percent rise from a year ago.

According to reports, instead of reverting to the domestic fossil fuel abundance and cheap gas prices experienced during former President Donald Trump’s administration, Joe Biden is turning to energy reserves stored in case of war or other national emergencies. Officials at the White House are preparing an emergency declaration that would allow President Biden to release diesel from the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve to address short-term supply shortages if the situation worsens.

The Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve, established in 2005, has around 1 million barrels of diesel, or about a day’s supply in the region. The reserve had been used in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

According to a White House official, The Biden team claims to understand that tapping the reserve would not lower diesel costs. Still, it will prevent spot outages that would be very disruptive to families and businesses.

In an interview with public radio, Bob Costello, the top economist for the American Trucking Association, noted that rising gasoline costs are affecting not only truckers but also consumers. He suggests that ultimately, we as customers will see this reflected in the price of goods on market shelves.

Idaho farmer Mark Darrington was also interviewed by public radio.
Mr. Darrington said increased expenses have to be passed on to the consumer in the interview. Otherwise, farms like his cannot continue to operate.