Devon Archer Testimony Leaves Biden ‘Compromised’ says Lawmaker

Arizona’s Republican Representative Andy Biggs inferred on Monday that President Joe Biden could potentially be “compromised” following a conversation with Devon Archer, who was a former business associate of Hunter Biden.

Archer testified before the House Oversight Committee, expanding on his overseas business collaboration with Hunter and their supposed interactions with the President. 

It was anticipated that Archer would provide testimony alleging that Hunter had set up discussions between his father and business partners in Ukraine, Romania, and China.

When questioned whether the President could be “compromised,” Biggs responded, “I believe so.”

Biggs confirmed that further investigations would be carried out, stating, “We’ll continue to do our due diligence and research.” He noted that Archer mentioned ‘the big guy’— a term allegedly used by Hunter to refer to Biden — and suggested that Hunter instigated communications between Archer and his father, who Biggs suspects Hunter referred to as ‘my guy.’ “Devon Archer implied that ‘the big guy’ was a reference to Biden. Archer discussed how Hunter frequently stated, ‘We need to speak to my guy and determine when my guy will be available,'” Biggs said.

A document, an FD-1023, delivered to Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, purportedly showed evidence of a Ukrainian business official allegedly negotiating $5 million bribes with Biden and his son to dismiss a prosecutor investigating Burisma. This is a Ukrainian energy company where Hunter was a board member. The official reportedly used the term “the big guy” to refer to the President. Biggs also noted that Archer claimed not to know about the alleged bribery.

During a press event on June 8, the President dismissed the bribery scheme allegations as “a bunch of malarkey.” He consistently refuted involvement with his son’s business activities leading to the 2024 election.

During this testimony, Devon Archer reported that he and Hunter Biden served on the Board of Directors of Burisma despite having no knowledge or experience in the oil or energy industry.